provides custom-made glass suitable for all kinds of internal and external doors, with delivery and installation services available


Glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home or business, allowing light to infiltrate rooms beautifully. Here at Glasstech, we have over two decades of experience in creating bespoke door glass for internal and external doors, including revolving doors and shower doors.
By offering in-house glazing from our Limerick Glass company, we can create doors to fulfil all applications, enabling us to tailor your door glass to exact specifications including shapes, sizes, and thickness.
As well as standard door glass, we offer decorative door glass, glass for revolving doors, glass for oversized doors, glass for stove doors, and glass for automatic doors to ensure that your expectations are met accurately.
With safety doors glass, fire door glass, and insulated door glass available, you can ensure a safe and comfortable working or home environment.


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Door Glass for All Application

  • Standard Door Glass

  • Single, Double & Triple Glazing

  • Internal Door Glass

  • External Door Glass

  • Revolving Door Glass

  • In-frame & Standalone Door Glass

  • Custom Made Door Glass

  • Decorative Door Glass

  • Shower Door Glass

  • Stove Door Glass

  • Door Glass Repairs

Emergency Glass Repairs

If the glass in your doors shatters or breaks, it’s important to have them repaired ASAP for health and safety. Here at Glasstech, we offer professional glass repairs across Limerick and the surrounding areas. We operate on an emergency basis, guaranteeing quick call-out times to ensure that you’re never left stuck when it comes to emergency glass repairs.
We provide repairs for all door glass, including internal and external doors in domestic and commercial properties.

Door Glass FAQ

  • Can you install door glass for me?

    Yes, of course. Here at Glasstech we design, manufacture, and install door glass to ensure a full-service product that you can trust.

  • How much does it cost to replace the glass in my front door?

    The price of glass replacement varies depending on the type of glass you need and the size required. Get in touch with the team today or a free quote.

  • Are glass doors secure?

    Yes, when created using modern glass, glass doors can be a safe and secure option for all houses and business properties.